Our Job as Humans

Our personal responsibility as healthcare consumers involves both the duty and the privilege of living responsible lives, developing insight and awareness about the nature of our own human fabric, and making intelligent and informed choices when dealing with our healthcare needs.

Western or “mainstream medicine” is a relatively new player on the block, with a history of perhaps 200 years.  Other healing modalities and systems have been around for thousands of years, literally, as long as humans have been present on earth.  We view some of these systems as “backwards” or “uncivilized” to the scientific mind, but these innate, intuitive and nature-based systems have helped cultures manage the balances necessary to restore and maintain health in their own contexts for vast periods of time, and their track record is proven and sustained by the checks and balances that evolved in their own systems.

One of the inherent liabilities of modern culture, despite its infusions of advanced scientific and technological awareness, is our loss of connection to both Nature and to our own deeper human nature.  There’s been a resurgence in Western cultures in recent decades, hand-in-hand with the demand for medical alternatives, of practices and movements aimed at “re-schooling” us in our distorted sense of “self”.  Examples include martial arts,  meditation, yoga, personal growth work, healing groups, support groups, creativity workshops, music and art therapy, and a myriad of various self-awareness modalities.

People need and want change from the “old” system of blindly accepting authority and blindly trusting whatever protocols were handed to us by those in positions of power.  Now, in modern times, we’re “un-packing” that paradigm, because it does not serve the interests of true human growth, evolution, wellness or sustainable culture for a fragile planet.

There is no “magic pill” – from either Big Pharma or Mother Nature, that is going to heal blindness in human beings who refuse to see themselves in their own health equation.  Conscious living, and insightful awareness into our own state of being is the building block for a successful life  In all its dimensions.  Building a solid foundation of good health means addressing all these dimensions: diet, exercise, workplace and career, home and relationships, and making sure our own being is fulfilled physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

From that point on, making healthcare choices means making educated and informed decisions about what healthcare options best suit our own unique individual needs.  It means being empowered to make choices that further your strength, awareness, well-being, and ultimately, your own evolution as a complete human being.