BODY THERAPIES is a grouping of therapies and healing modalities which directly or indirectly target the physical body in their application.  This wide range of therapeutic options encompasses from one extreme, the scientific and mechanistic based principals of physical therapy, through the various forms of manipulative and restorative “bodywork” into the subtle or energetically-manipulative techniques like acupuncture, reiki and other forms of subtle energy manipulation.

Like many forms of Alternative therapy, there is often overlap and blending in techniques and diagnostic criteria used in these modalities.  Much of one’s education and validation in these areas depends on exposure and practical experience.

PHYSICAL THERAPY (“Physiotherapy”)
Includes Occupational, Rehabilitative, Restorative Therapies

This field of therapies has been specialized and evolving over the last 200 years, with some references going back to Greek and Roman times historically.  Woven into the field are various specialties of treating war casualties, occupational injuries, sports injuries and other various physical maladies such as motor vehicle injuries.  Wikipedia contains a good overview of the development, history and scope of practice of Physical Therapy. (link here)

Physical Therapists use a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options, and often work on referral systems from doctors, hospitals or insurance agencies.  Their skills and abilities are often overseen by national or local standards governing their practice and educational requirements.  Diagnostic methods can include X-rays, MRI’s, CAT-Scans, various physical mobility, range and strength tests, as well as neurological function and various gradings of impairment.