“Energy Healing” is a broad term, encompassing many forms of healing therapies, some of which overlap other Holistic systems that validate or acknowledge the existence of “energy” systems at work in and around the human body.  The “energy systems” of human beings are not recognized by mainstream medicine, mainly because they have not received scientific proof of existence.  Many of the conceptual systems of energy flow in the body have been inherited from ancient systems of healing (ie Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal); some have been developed in recent decades as a fusion of contemporary or “New Age” paradigms with ancient or traditional cultural beliefs (ie, Yoga, Chakras, Reiki, Auras).

The energy systems of the human body exist on a subtle level – a level that our intellects and logical reasoning cannot comprehend, and also at a level subtler than what science can currently validate. Practitioners of these arts have either an inborn, intuitive awareness of “energy” or they have been trained to open up their perceptual fields and recognize these phenomena.  Often people who practice various ‘spiritual’ practices like meditation – or become adept at certain traditional disciplines, like martial arts – develop an awareness of this innate ‘energy’, or subtle substance that permeates and surrounds the human fabric.

Various healing practices utilize the ability to influence “energy flow” in their application.  Some work directly with the body in a physical sense; others work the “fields” or “auras” close by or above the physical body.  Still others work at distant healing techniques that do not require physical contact or even verbal communication with the recipient.

It comes back to each one of us and how “tuned” or receptive we are to these subtle phenomena that permeate human existence, and have been tracked, recorded, validated and realized – in their own cultures and arenas – for thousands of years.  It’s not so much an issue of “being brainwashed”, adopting a blind belief system or a new religion, it’s more a matter of being open, receptive and neutral about what you yourself can perceive and integrate into your field of awareness.  From birth onward, our perceptual abilities are programmed and modified heavily by those around us – who have likewise been programmed and modified heavily, and we adopt and pass on these perceptual, familial and cultural biases without having a chance to question what we’ve internalized.  By the time we’re only a few years old, we’re ready to laugh at, criticize or blatently dismiss, what doesn’t fit into our unconsciously-adopted “religions of perception”.

There is no “right or wrong” here, no one system that is better than another, more powerful, or more dependable.  If we as healthcare consumers, are tuned to our own needs, sensitivities, and resonances on subtler levels, we can usually find practitioners, healers or therapists who can meet us on the level where we can receive the type of work that we are open and responsive to.  Like any learning process, learning about your own human organism, its uniqueness, and its innate needs, is a life-long process.  It’s often learning by trial and error, sometimes learning by mistakes.  To find a type of healing modality that doesn’t work with you is valuable in its own right, because now you know.  And now you’re one step closer to finding one that will.