As an introduction to the topic of “Alternative Health”, we’re focusing on three areas:

  1. A loose, informal overview of “What Is Alternative Medicine
  2. A primer on our own responsibilities in maintaining health.  (No, it’s not all about “them”, we actually do have a role to play!)
  3. An informal and casual summary of “The History of Alternative Medicine” (kind of “how did we get here?”)

These Intro’s are only background for the main substance of this website.  To understand “health”, you need to understand your own responsibilities in your own life as a foundation.  This is not “philosophy”, it’s simply the way we’re made.  If we ignore ourselves and live haphazard, unconscious lives, we will simply end up being victims of a self-manufactured fate and we’ll end up depending on some authority figure to rescue us, and blaming them when they won’t!

Shall we get with the program then? 🙂